13 American Tea Brands You Need To Know About

Tea is an integral part of both British and American history and as a result, Americans have a huge love for tea. As a result, there are plenty of different American tea brands on the market, but some you might not actually be aware of. 

With so many American tea brands on the market, you can get lost trying to find the best ones. Luckily though, we’ve done all the hard work for you. 

13 American Tea Brands You Need To Know About

We’ve created this comprehensive guide which includes a list of 13 American tea brands that you not only need to know about, but also that you’ll love! 

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic cup of tea - here’s 13 American tea brands to think about trying! 

Read on and find out more.

American Tea Brands


Harney & Son's Chai Tea Box of 20 Teabags Two Pack (40 Teabags) - Masali Chai Tea with Cardamom, Vanilla, and Zesty Spices - Spicy Black Chai Tea Blend - 20 Wrapped Tea Bags Per Box, 40 Total

When it comes to premium tea brands in America, perhaps none are more recognizable than Harney And Sons.

Due to their packaging and overall style, this is a tea brand that you would be forgiven for thinking comes directly from jolly old London itself. 

This is because of its high quality look objectively, but then when you make a cup of its tea, you can taste and smell the premium quality. But the truth is - it comes from New York City!

From excellent sachets to fantastic loose tea, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better American brand of tea anywhere on the market today - (see also: 10 Classically British Tea Brands You Can Buy Online Today)so this one is highly recommended! 


The Tao of Tea, Black Mango Black Tea, Loose Leaf, 4 Ounce Tin

Hailing from Portland, Oregon - this brand of tea has long been a favorite among tea lovers across America and indeed beyond.

The company takes huge pride in sourcing the highest quality tea around the world.

Not only this, it demands only the finest quality by avoiding any artificial preservatives or sweeteners and as a result, you get the best taste you could possibly hope for - and the most healthy version of the tea too! 

The company opened a store back in 1997 but nowadays it has moved a large proportion of its business online, so you can now pick it up from the comfort of your own home.


Buddha Teas - Sleepy Temple Blend - Organic Herbal Tea - For Health & Wellbeing - Blend of Herbs & Flowers - Clean Ingredients - Caffeine Free - OU Kosher & Organic - Non-GMO - 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags

Much like the overall vibe and outlook that you will find with Buddhism in terms of peace and tranquility, Buddha Teas holds similar values and promotes improved health, calmness and eco-friendliness.

It does this through taste, aroma and indeed its packaging by using all natural and organic ingredients along with eco-friendly packaging. Indeed, this is a tea that boasts being natural, organic and self care. 

Coming from Colorado’s mountains, the feeling of self and inner peace is massively prominent with this tea brand. Try it today and discover your freedom and calmness.


The Tea Spot Self Care Teas Variety Pack - Meditative Mind Organic White Tea and Morning Mojo Organic Black Tea - Caffeinated Calming Tea and Energy - USDA Organic - 12 Pyramid Tea Bags, Pack of 2

Another tea brand that hails from Colorado, The Tea Spot is one that has a very strong online presence rather than in stores, but this hasn’t stopped the brand from racking up plenty of different awards for its glorious taste and aroma.

Whether you choose to try the bagged tea or loose tea, black tea or flavored tea, you will definitely love what The Tea Spot has to offer its customers!


Numi Organic Aged Earl Grey Tea, 18 Tea Bags (Pack of 3) Black Tea With Bergamot Orange, Caffeinated (Packaging May Vary)

Numi Tea goes back to the late 1990s and it was started by a brother and sister duo who were striving to create the most amazing tea in terms of its taste and aroma, but wanted it to be as eco-friendly as possible and focus on the use of organic ingredients.

Everything is ethically sourced and it tastes amazing, so it comes as little surprise that this Fair Trade tea is widely available at plenty of American supermarkets.


Smith Teamaker | Lord Bergamot No. 55 | Sugar-Free, Sustainably Grown, Caffeinated Full Leaf Earl Grey Black Tea with Italian Bergamot Oil (15 Sachets, 1.2oz each)

Founded in Portland, Oregon by Steven Smith, Smith Teamaker took the time to fully research and understand what tea really is and how best you can get the perfect cup of tea.

Through Steven’s success, he eventually sold the company to Starbucks!

Of course, this is an indicator of how popular and how high quality the tea is and continues to be even to this day.

Not only this, but the research into tea and how to improve tea is still going on - so be prepared to enjoy the very best cup of tea!


Upton Tea Imports has a huge level of pride and calls itself the expert on loose tea leaves.

They use only the finest tea leaves and all of their focus goes to making a quality tea product rather than having a fancy looking package.

It has a relatively decent history, starting in the late 1980s and it continues to make high quality tea which you can enjoy today!


Tea Forte Assorted Black Tea, Petite Presentation Box Tea Sampler Gift Set with 10 Handcrafted Pyramid Tea Infusers

If you are looking for a luxurious experience when you are enjoying a cup of American tea, then you should look no further than Tea Forte.

They use a uniquely shaped tea sachet and pride themselves on offering elegant and design driven tea.

On top of their quality tea, they also sell tea related products which will go excellently with your fantastic beverage.

Although they are based in Maynard, Massachusetts, you can find them online with a pretty strong digital presence.


Simple Loose Leaf - Blood Orange Tea - Premium Loose Leaf Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free - Light and Earthy - USA Hand Packaged (4 Ounce)

This is another tea company which was started by a sibling group, but perhaps more uniquely than the others, this company offers a fantastic subscription service if you want to keep trying their brilliant products.

Of course, you do not need to, as you can simply buy one-off purchases and enjoy their tea as and when you want to.

The tea has a very strong aroma and excellent taste, suitable for the morning and the evening! 


When we think of organic produce, the state that might come to mind is Hawaii.

Hand-picked and very high quality tea produce and using biodegradable tea sachets, Hobbs Tea is an American tea brand that you should definitely turn your attention to.

You will benefit from the vast array of knowledge that the island has on tea and you will absolutely love the unique taste that these tea leaves have when compared to multiple other tea brands on the market.


Staying in the magical island of Hawaii and based in Honolulu, this organically grown tea is one of the best tasting and most naturally tasting teas out there.

It has a flavor and texture that is very difficult to match and it’s certainly a brand that any American needs to try!


This American tea brand is pretty much a new kid on the block when it comes to the world of tea products.

Beginning in New York City in 2012, the company fought against the almost impossible odds of growing tea in a cold state.

However, through plenty of research and investment, it pulled it off and it did so with huge success.

While it might not be the most naturally tasting or sourced tea on the market, it does have a beautiful taste and you should try it to believe it! 


Finally on our list we have an American tea brand that hails from South Carolina - which is almost a polar opposite of our previous addition to this list due to the near perfect climate for growing tea! 

Not only will you enjoy one of the greatest cups of tea that you could possibly hope for, but if you go to Table Rock Tea Company, you can take part in an extensive tour of their operation, going across their grounds and tasting some excellent samples.

However, of course, if you do not have that luxury - you can buy most of their quality products from the comfort of your own home by shopping online! If you do ever have a chance though, you should certainly pay this place a visit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you will find some of the most asked questions when it comes to American branded tea. 

Why Does America Love Tea?

While a lot of people would say that America is more of a coffee loving country, it is slowly coming around to loving tea as well.

While there is no real answer to this question, there are two major reasons you could account for.

The first reason is the history of the USA being steeped in British influence. Tea was a drink to help lift the spirits and originally had a very low taxation, meaning it was pretty cheap to buy too. 

The second is because of how society has changed to become much more healthy.

As tea has been shown to help with things like weight management, inflammation and heart health - it’s no surprise that more and more Americans are turning their head to a cup of tea!

Is American Branded Tea The Best?

Once again, there’s no real answer to this either because it will come down to your own personal preference.

However, it’s worth trying tea from many different countries and see for yourself the difference in the taste, aroma and texture of each one.

It’s a good idea to try American, British, Chinese and Indian tea - all of which have plenty of history! 

Final Thoughts 

American brands of tea are in big numbers these days and the ones we have picked above are among the best available in the market. We hope you enjoy them as we do!

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