15 Best Chaga Tea Recipes To Try Today

If you’ve never had the pleasure of mixing tea with some chaga mushroom powder, not only does it add an incredibly delicious earthy and slightly bitter flavor to the drink, but it is also packed full of health benefits since it contains such an array of antioxidants that can help boost our immune system, lower our blood pressure, and ensure our bodily systems are working as they should be. 

While regular chaga tea is already delicious enough on its own, there are a few ways you can switch up the recipe to make it even more delightful to sip on, while still retaining all those health benefits that have made this tea variation so popular. 

15 Best Chaga Tea Recipes To Try Today

Here are 15 of the most delicious and unique chaga tea recipes that you need to try (see also: 15 Best Herbalife Tea Recipes To Try Today)out.

1. Chaga Tea With Nettle Leaf

While chaga tea already has a very soothing aura to its smell and taste, adding in a nettle leaf allows the flavor to become even more mellow to the point where it almost becomes brothy in its texture. 

This recipe also uses vanilla extract, a mixture of nutmeg and cinnamon, and a few additional warming spices to keep the drink tasting light and refreshing while still having that slight bitterness thanks to the wild chaga mushroom powder. 

2. Chaga Mushroom Tea (Chai And Vanilla)

This recipe mixes a hint of chai to add some spiciness to the earthy taste of the chaga mushrooms, adding a tremendous amount of flavor if you want the tea to have a more lively and vibrant taste. 

The good news is that preparing the chai is incredibly easy, and with some homemade vanilla thrown into the mix, you really can’t go wrong adding these delicious ingredients to the standard chaga mushroom tea recipe. 

3. Chaga Tea With Honey And Ginger

Not only is this recipe incredibly delicious, using honey and grated ginger to add a little more sweetness to the chaga tea, but it is also incredibly easy to make, only requiring 5 ingredients and approximately 10 minutes of your time. 

The honey really steals the show in this recipe, granting a much lighter taste to the drink while also adding even more health benefits by being as rich in antioxidants as the chaga mushrooms are. 

4. Chaga & Honey Lemon Tea

If you want to add even more sweetness to the drink, turning it into the perfect morning pick-me-up to get you ready for the day ahead, try using honey lemon which is packed with plenty of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and polyphenols which can all help the body to recharge and recover from fatigue.

This also means this honey lemon chaga tea is perfect for drinking while relaxing after a long gym session or after you return home from some sports and don’t want to feel the aches in your body for the rest of the day. 

5. Coconut Chaga Chai Tea Latte

The mixture of cinnamon, honey, and especially the coconut milk in this recipe really takes the natural flavor of the chaga up to a new level, while also making the texture a lot more creamy and softer than it would be normally. 

While this is an excellent way to make a cup of chaga tea even more delightful as a morning refreshment, it can just as easily be a drink you can whip up at work to keep you going since there aren’t many ingredients, and they can be found very easily. 

6. Chai Chaga Iced Tea

Chaga tea is often known for being very light and fairly mellow in its texture and flavor, however, if you really want to make the natural flavors as prominent as possible along with adding a little more energy to the drink, try adding in a few ice blocks along with some coconut cream and coconut blossom nectar if you can get your hands on it. 

These ingredients allow the earthy flavor of the chaga mushrooms to be on full display and make the drink overall a lot more refreshing while still being packed full of health benefits and nutritional properties. 

7. Spicy Chaga Tea

While many people will want to try out chaga tea for the health benefits it offers as opposed to most other types of tea, a lot of people can admittedly be put off by the grounded and fairly flat taste. 

Luckily, by adding a few cloves, peppercorns, berries, coriander seeds, and some star anise, you can infuse a good amount of spiciness into the flavor to make it a lot more intense and fiery with every sip you take, perfect for all those spicy tea fans out there. 

8. Chaga Mushroom Hot Chocolate

Making a warm and delightful chaga hot chocolate really couldn’t be any easier, and it all starts with simply making a base of bold black tea with a hint of chaga powder and hot water before then adding in the mixture of coconut milk, cacao, and raw honey which are mashed together in a blender. 

The soothing taste and texture of the chaga is an extremely tasty pairing with the frothy hot-chocolate mixture, putting a delightful twist on the standard recipe that we all love to sip on so much in those winter evenings. 

9. Chaga Tea With Strawberries & Lemon

Many people wouldn’t initially associate chaga tea with being fruity and certainly not a summer drink, however, if you did want to make this tea as refreshing as possible and enjoy it when the sun is beaming down and the temperatures start to rise, try out this fruity take on the standard base recipe that primarily uses frozen strawberries and lemons to make the taste extra juicy and perfect for those warmer months. 

10. Cedar Chaga Iced Tea

This is another summery twist on the standard chaga tea recipe that uses cedar syrup instead of strawberries to make the texture a little thicker while still keeping it sweet and delightful on the tastebuds. 

It’s a little easier to make since you won’t need to freeze any of the ingredients, and can often be a little more bearable in terms of taste if you want something that is healthy and delicious to enjoy in the summertime that isn’t too full-on in terms of how explosive the flavors are. 

11. Chaga Chai With Carob And Coconut

While chaga tea is already full of health benefits on its own, if you want to add even more nutritional value to a single cup, along with enhancing the flavors as much as possible, you need to try out this recipe that uses ground carob, toasted coconuts and marshmallow roots to pack as many medical benefits into this tea as possible, turning it into a true gut-healing and anti-inflammatory remedy. 

12. Chaga Chocolate Mint Tea

If you’ve ever tried mixing rooibos loose leaves with tea before, you’ll know that it can make the taste incredibly minty but also slightly sweet with the two flavors pairing elegantly rather than one overtaking the other. 

This works especially well as part of a chaga tea recipe since the earthy taste of the chaga mushrooms even out all the contrasting ingredients perfectly, making this one of the best variations of minty tea you can make. 

13. Sweet Chaga Chai Latte

Cinnamon, star anise, and almond milk are all used in this quick and easy recipe which also leaves out the honey in case you’re not a fan of the sheer amount of sweetness provided by the popular ingredient. 

Instead, this recipe is a lot milder in its taste while still having a very distinct and potent vibrance to its flavor, with just a hint of spice coming from the star anise, granting this tea a medley of different tastes which is topped off perfectly by the earthy texture and flavor of the chaga mushroom extract powder. 

14. Nutty Chaga Tea

Hazelnut milk has never tasted so good than when infused into a cup of chaga tea, helping enhance the earthy flavors even more while also making the overall texture much smoother and nuttier. 

The pinch of Nutmeg helps to infuse the drink with a warm and delightful aroma, making for an easy way to turn a standard cup of delicious chaga tea into a seasonal drink that everyone can enjoy when the temperatures start to drop or when the holidays arrive. 

15. Spicy Elderberry Chaga Tea

Wondering what elderberry syrup is? It is a musky, earthy, and slightly spicy syrup that is thick and heavy in its texture with a taste that is very bright and noticeable. It is also incredibly healthy, being very rich in vitamin C and packed full of antioxidants. 

If you want to spice up the flavor of chaga tea by using one single ingredient that will add even more nutritional value, elderberry tea is the only ingredient you will need. 


Chaga tea is delightfully tasty, incredibly healthy, and very customizable with so many vibrant additional ingredients that you can add to the standard recipe to create one of the most nutritious types of tea out there.

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