15 Best Herbalife Tea Recipes To Try Today

Refreshing drinks are essential during the summer months, when you’re hoping to beat the summer heat. There are many drinks that you can make at home that will bring you all the refreshment that you need.

You will need to make sure that you have all the ingredients that you need, and you’ll be able to whip up one of these refreshing Herbalife tea recipes in no time! 

15 Best Herbalife Tea Recipes To Try Today

Read on to find out all about Herbalife tea and 15 of the best Herbalife tea recipes to try today(see also: 15 Best Loaded Tea Recipes To Try Today)!

What Is Herbalife Tea?

Herbalife tea is a type of herbal tea that will keep you feeling healthy, energetic and fit. It is made up of a combination of ingredients to ensure that people are looking after their health as best they can. 

Herbalife tea is made from both black and green tea. These are filled with antioxidant requirements and metabolic requirements. 

It is also a great tea for those who are weight conscious, because green tea is very good for your metabolism. 

This tea is of very high quality because it has so many benefits. It also provides you with energy because it contains caffeine. This will leave you feeling reenergized. 

How To Make Herbalife Tea

If you want to make this tranquility loaded tea, you will need to make sure that you are using certain ingredients. It is a very quick drink to make if you have the ingredients at home, and it can be very refreshing.

It is a good idea to use these recipes to make cocktails if you are looking to make a delicious alcoholic beverage. 

All you will need to make herbalife tea is to pour all of the ingredients into the blender, and mix them together. You should add as much ice as you’d like, too. 

Herbalife Tea Recipes 

1. Herbalife Energy Tea

This recipe is great. It makes a delicious tea that will provide you with lots of energy. It is very easy to make, and it will work even when you substitute lots of different ingredients in the recipe depending on personal preferences.

2. Herbalife Lemon Lime Liftoff Recipe

This recipe is a good way to get all of the nutrients that you need for the day. This recipe makes a tea that is very good for you, and also full of delicious flavors.

It is great for the summer, either as a meal replacement or a post workout recovery. With this recipe, you will also get plenty of vitamins and minerals.

3. Berry Mystic Herbalife

This tea is filled with berry flavors. It is delicious and super healthy, and contains plenty of vitamins and minerals so is great for your overall health.

4. Tropical Herbalife Tea 

Herbalife tea is a delicious and refreshing drink that has many different health benefits. You will find that this tea will boost your metabolism. It will also help you to lose weight.

This tea has no artificial flavors added to it, it is made using all natural ingredients. This tea will cleanse your entire body.

5. Herbalife Tea Bomb Recipe

This Herbalife Tea Bomb is a healthy recipe that also tastes delicious(see also: The Best And Most Delicious Chocolate Tea Cake Recipe). It is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on taste. It will also turn out perfectly every time because it is a very easy recipe to follow.

6. Herbalife Starburst Tea Recipe

This recipe is full of fruity flavors. These flavors are combined with the Herbalife milkshake to provide you with a delicious and nutritious tea. It provides you with a lot of energy for the day, and it will refresh you after a hard day at work.

This recipe has become very popular, and people have been asking for it. 

It contains collagen and a starburst mic as well as a herbalife beverage. It is super easy to mix and make.

7. Rainbow Candy Herbalife Tea

This herbalife tea recipe is delicious. It is made up of super sweet, rainbow candy. It is very easy to mix and make, making it the perfect snack. 

8. Miami Vice Herbalife Tea

15 Best Herbalife Tea Recipes To Try Today

In order to make this delicious Herbalife tea, you just need to blend together all of the ingredients. This is a cocktail recipe that includes strawberries, lime juice and rum. 

9. Herbalife Wonder Woman Tea Recipe

This tea will help to support your energy levels throughout the day. It is the perfect drink for a working woman as it promotes healthy digestion. It also supports the immune system/

10. Malibu Sunrise Tea 

This malibu sunrise tea recipe is super delicious, it is refreshing and will never fail to disappoint you. It is also made up of very few ingredients and it is super easy to make. 

11. Captain America Herbalife Loaded Tea

There are lots of great benefits of drinking loaded tea, and this recipe will give you lots of these benefits. It is easy to make, great for your health and made with very few ingredients. You will not be disappointed with this drink.

12. Mermaid Herbalife Tea

This drink is made with 1 tropical liftoff, and some lemon herbalife tea concentrate. It is delicious, and will not disappoint in terms of flavor. It is a great drink that you will absolutely love.

13. Skittles Herbalife Tea

This recipe is definitely worth a try. It has a lot of great value in terms of nutrition and it is very highly recommended. If you’re looking for a drink that gives you energy that is not an energy drink, then this recipe is definitely for you!

14. Bahama Mama Herbalife Loaded Tea

This recipe is made using some mango aloe, a few different drink mixes and some peach herbalife tea concentrate. It also contains tropical lift off. It is delicious and contains lots of different health benefits.

15. Blue Hawaiian

Again, there are many different health benefits to drinking this delicious tea. It will bring you lots of natural energy and the flavors are absolutely delicious.

What Are The Benefits Of Herbalife?

There are many great benefits of Herbalife tea. These include the following: 


Herbalife tea is a very refreshing drink. It has thermogenic effects that are temporary but refreshing. It is great because you can carry the tea around in your bag and drink it at any time, anywhere.

You can get this tea in lots of different flavors which encourages you to drink it. It comes in Peach, Raspberry, Lemon, Cinnamon and Chai flavors. This is a great way to take a break from normal tea, and it will keep you hydrated and refreshed.

Enhanced Thermogenic Activity 

One of the most important benefits of Herbalife Tea is the fact that it enhances thermogenic activity. This tea jump starts the metabolism which ensures that you remain active and energetic. This will affect your body for the next few hours. 


This drink also enhances the energy levels of those that are drinking it. It contains some caffeine which boosts the energy to make you feel active and confident. This encourages you to be able to achieve your best. 

Antioxidant Support 

Herbalife is also responsible for providing you with antioxidant support. It protects your cells against radicals that can cause diseases. It supports the antioxidants in your body to work better.

Instant Boost 

Herbalife tea doesn’t take a very long time for the effects to take hold. In most cases, the benefits begin to occur immediately.

You won’t need to boil this drink in hot water for it to work, it can be consumed with hot water or cold water, making it much more instant.

Low Calorie

Herbalife Tea is very low in calories, as it only contains around 6 calories per 8 ounces of the drink. This means that it won’t add any calories to your daily intake. Instead, it is just a healthy drink that is low in calories.

Skin Benefits 

This drink is great because of the skin benefits that it provides. It will preserve your skin and promote anti-aging. This is especially true if you have been out in the sun for too long.

Lowers Cholesterol

This tea is shown to help with low-density lipoproteins, helping to lower your cholesterol and keep you fit and healthy.

Reduces Allergic Symptoms 

Herbal teas can reduce allergy symptoms. If you are suffering from sinus aches, runny nose and itchy eyes, this tea can help you. It can ease your flu-like symptoms and make you feel a lot better in no time.


Some teas contain collagen which will keep your skin looking young and healthy. It is important to ensure that you are taking these products regularly if you want to see a change in the health of your skin because of the collagen that these teas contain.

Final Thoughts 

So, herbalife tea has many different benefits for your health and wellbeing. It is definitely worth adding some herbalife teas to your daily routine, as it will bring you lots of very important benefits.

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