15 Best Rosemary Tea Recipes To Try Today

Tea has been popular in many cultures throughout the world. From India, England, and of course the United States. Whether you are too hot or too cold, a hot cup of tea can work wonders to bring you back to the present. 

Today, herbal teas are extremely popular and are becoming known for their incredible benefits. Rosemary Tea is great for relaxing, and improving your mood, and can even help promote hair growth.

15 Best Rosemary Tea Recipes To Try Today

However, drinking the same tea can become boring. 

Below are 15 rosemary tea recipes (see also: The Best And Most Delicious Chocolate Tea Cake Recipe)that you try today to keep things delicious! 

1. Easy Rosemary Tea

Starting off with traditional rosemary tea, this Easy Rosemary Tea recipe can be made in just 5 minutes and uses minimal ingredients. 

This tea smells clean and piney. For the ideal flavor, mix it with a little sugar and a squeeze of lemon. Making DIY tea this way is enjoyable, and it also makes drinking water on a regular basis much more intriguing.

Make this tea in a large batch and store it in the refrigerator for a soothing drink every evening. 

2. Easy Rosemary Herbal Tea with Fermented Honey

When you are feeling a little under the weather, the perfect remedy is a hot cup of fresh rosemary tea with honey, and this recipe shows you how to make it. 

Using fresh rosemary and lemon-infused honey, this tea recipe is excellent for boosting memory, aiding in immune health, and overall tastes delicious. 

Simple ingredients for preparing rosemary tea include water, an infuser (or another container that can hold the rosemary), and fresh or dried rosemary sprigs.

3. Rosemary & Orange Tisane Tea

When searching for a new tea to drink throughout the day, this Rosemary and Orange Tisane Tea hits the spot. 

This tisane, or herbal tea in French, is a wonderful brew of rosemary, orange, cloves, and honey. It is sweet, spicy, energizing, and aromatic.

This recipe is best served straight from the teapot while it is still brewing with those spices and flavors. 

Serve on its own or enjoy a small sweet treat such as a small cookie or pastry. 

4. Rosemary & Lemon Herbal Tea

Many of us are switching to decaffeinated drinks or even non-caffeinated drinks and this Rosemary & Lemon Herbal Tea recipe (see also: 15 Best Peppermint Tea Recipes To Try Today)is perfect. 

Using two of the freshest ingredients, rosemary, and lemon, this tea is fragrant and holds many medicinal benefits. 

The rosemary in this tisane can improve circulation and immunity, which will increase your energy levels if you frequently feel exhausted and worried. Lemon is an anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting food.

Enjoy this Rosemary & Lemon Herbal Tea throughout the day for a quick energy boost without the caffeine. 

5. Rosemary Infused Raspberry White Tea

This recipe is for you if you’re looking for a gorgeous, light pink iced tea with cooling properties and health advantages.

Rosemary Infused Raspberry White Tea is the perfect addition to any summer garden party. We especially love it for afternoon teas, brunches, and even gender reveals. 

While the raspberry makes this tea sweet, the rosemary gives it a subtle depth that is perfect for enjoying the summer sun. 

Make this simple tea in a bottle overnight by allowing it to fuse in the refrigerator!

6. Rosemary, Lime & Jaggery Iced Tea

A large glass of iced tea is the best way to stay cool on a hot summer day. Fresh rosemary and lime are used to flavor this iced tea, while earthy jaggery is used to sweeten it.

In the mood for a mojito substitute that doesn’t include bubbles? Then you have to make this Rosemary, Lime, and Jaggery Iced Tea recipe. 

It is excellent for batch cooking and can be served over ice in a large punch bowl. Serve with freshly sliced lime and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. 

7. Iced Rosemary, Ginger, & Peach Green Tea

Even if iced tea is tasty, why not make a simple sweetened tea magically flavorful and exciting?

We combined fresh peaches with peach green tea, which you can purchase at your neighborhood health food store, to enhance the flavor of this beverage.

The rosemary in this beverage shouldn’t terrify you; it merely provides a smidgen of woodsy flavor, and the handmade ginger syrup gives it a pleasant spiciness.

Serve at your garden parties and cookouts this summer for a refreshing and delicious beverage. 

8. Butterfly Pea Tea Lemonade

With 3 simple ingredients, you can create this weird yet wonderful lemonade, which is also a tea. 

This lemonade made with butterfly pea flowers is tangy and refreshing with a hint of mint and rosemary in each sip. It transforms into a vivid purple, which is why it’s thought to be magical!

In need of a magical yet delicious drink for your weekly get-together? This Butterfly Pea Tea Lemonade is sure to bring the wow factor you need. 

9. Hibiscus Iced Tea with Homemade Rosemary Syrup

If you find the flavor of rosemary to be too overpowering but still want to reap the benefits, then this Hibiscus Iced Tea (see also: How To Make Hibiscus Tea)with Homemade Rosemary Syrup is perfect. 

Simply boil your fresh rosemary sprigs with water and sugar to create syrup, boil your hibiscus and flowers, and combine for a truly decadent flavor. 

Add a squeeze of lemon for a nice citrus flavor to a floral drink. 

Use your rosemary for cocktails, teas, or delicious recipes!

10. Strawberry Rooibos Iced Tea

When you are in the mood for something a little more on the sweeter side, this Strawberry Rooibos Iced Tea recipe is a must. 

This fruity, cool beverage will add to the splendor of a perfect day in the sun.

Using fresh strawberries, fresh rosemary, raw honey, filtered water, and Rooibos tea, you can have a stunning glass of sweet iced tea in less than an hour!

Garnish with a slice of fresh strawberry and a sprig of rosemary to take things to the next level. 

11. Grilled Nectarine and Rosemary Iced Tea

This iced tea with grilled nectarines, rosemary, and the perfect amount of sweetness is the perfect summertime pick-me-up. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to buy iced tea from the store again because it’s so simple to prepare.

 You’ll feel satisfied and rejuvenated after drinking this fragrant nectarine iced tea!

Using only 6 ingredients, this tea can become an excellent addition to your daily life. Delicious, hydrating, and simple to make. 

Garnish with a slice of grilled peach and enjoy as the summer sun gives you a new lease of life. 

12. Rosemary Lavender Tea

With 3 ingredients, rosemary, lavender flowers, and anise seed, you can easily create this decadent and beneficial tea. 

Rosemary is known for its excellent benefits to memory while lavender allows you to relax and unwind. Making it the perfect tea for your nighttime routine. 

This Rosemary Lavender Tea recipe is fragrant yet subtle, allowing you to enjoy the gentle flavors while your home begins to smell of lavender. Perfect if the whole family struggles with sleeping. 

13. Tamarind & Herbal Tea

When on the hunt for new and unique ingredients to use in your teas this Tamarind & Herbal Tea is perfect. Tamarind is a tropical fruit which grows on the tamarind tree native to Africa. 

Tamarind has some incredible health benefits including improving heart health and lowering cholesterol. 

This tea recipe is sweet and full of warming spices and ingredients. A cup of this Tamarind and Herbal Tea is sure to provide you with helpful health benefits, plus it’s delicious. 

14. Afrodizz Tea

For those who struggle with getting a full night’s rest, you simply must indulge in this sweet Afrodizz Tea.

Using a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, honey or sugar, this tea is deliciously sweet, perfect for those who do not enjoy black tea. 

The addition of lemon grass, rosemary, and ginger brings medicinal benefits to this tea, including aiding in relaxation and unwinding for the night. 

Serve with a small sweet treat and a splash of milk if you prefer your tea on the creamier side. 

15. Spiced Tea

No longer do you have to suffer with sipping on a cup of bland tea every morning and night. This Spiced Tea recipe (see also: 15 Best Chaga Tea Recipes To Try Today)is simple to make and full of so much flavor. 

Using tea leaves, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, and the special ingredient, tea masala, you can enjoy a comforting cup of tea that is bursting with flavor. 

If you require a little more sweetness, as a teaspoon of sugar or honey. 

This simple yet delicious tea is perfect for serving guests or as a small piece of heaven in your morning routine. 

Final Thoughts 

Tea is an incredible beverage that can hold so many benefits. From helping you sleep, warming you up, and even cooling you down. However, it can quickly become bland, and using store-bought tea just isn’t as fun. 

Create your own rosemary teas at home with the recipes above! With a bunch of unique rosemary tea recipes, the flavor combinations are endless. 

Find your perfect tea from the recipes above and keep things exciting by making them at home. What flavor combination will you try? 

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