Best Tea Party Decorations

When it comes to enjoying a great cup of tea, there’s nothing better than going the whole way and having a super fun tea party.

Tea parties are fun for adults and children alike, which makes it an ideal family activity! 

Best Tea Party Decorations

But you can’t just have any regular tea party. You’re going to need to have awesome tea party decorations and make the surroundings as beautiful as possible.

However, there’s so many decorations on the market that you could use for a tea party, it can be quite difficult to know what decorations to buy and use.

Luckily though, we’ve made things a little easier for you.

We’ve looked around and found some of the best tea party decorations that you can buy today and use as soon as possible.

So, if you’re planning a great tea party - then read on and discover how you can make it so much better!

Best Tea Party Decorations


Yusino Tea Party Decorations, Let’s Par Tea Balloons, Tea Party Cupcake Toppers,Floral Tea Party Hanging Decors, Balloons Garland for Tea Birthday Party Decorations

If you’re looking for a classic tea party with a pink theme, then look no further than Yusino’s tea party decorations.

This set is almost entirely pink and comes with amazing balloons, some of which spell out “lets partea”. 

There’s also some floral wall decorations and tea party cupcake toppers, all of which can make your tea party go from real to royal in an instant. 

It’s one of the most ideal decoration sets for people who want to add color to their room, but also those who want to make a tea party into a day event. 


Nnewvante Large Floor Table,Small Folding Coffee Table Japanese Floor Desk Mid-Century Modern Low Bamboo Table for Living Room RV 33.5x17.7in

One of the things about having a tea party is that you sometimes want to make it into a family event, getting your kids involved and providing them with as much fun as they could possibly have.

Of course though, children are usually much smaller than the adults, and this can be problematic when you want them to sit and use everything on the table.

Indeed, adult sized tables can be very difficult for kids to use to the best of their ability.

So, what’s the answer? A low table! You can use this table as part of a larger tea party decoration and set (see also: How To Set A Table For A Tea Party)up a kids area.

It’s small but very sturdy and stable and kids can use it without panicking that they’re going to break it or knock something over!


Creative Converting Floral Tea Party Centerpiece, 1 ct Multicolor, 9' x 10'

If you go anywhere that uses a large table for things like coffee or tea with multiple people, one of the best decorations you can choose is a fantastic centerpiece.

Of course, when we’re talking about decorations for a tea party, what’s better than a teapot centerpiece?

This particular centerpiece has a gorgeous floral stand, rising up into a larger teapot with an array of light, pleasant colors.

Indeed, this centerpiece is perfect for a tea party and can be the focal point for any social gathering of this kind. 

Therefore, you can use this centerpiece over and over again. You could use it for birthday parties, wedding parties, family gatherings and of course - an impromptu tea party!


FGSAEOR Rose Gold Tablecloth, 12x108inch Sequins Table Runners and 54x108inch Plastic Table Cloths for Christmas Party Decorations, Sparkling Party Supplies Table Cover for Indoor Outdoor Parties

With any tea party, it’s critical that you get yourself a beautifully looking tablecloth, but no ordinary tablecloth will do.

Indeed, you’re going to need to find yourself a tablecloth that you only get out for tea parties exclusively. 

Luckily, this tablecloth perfectly encapsulates what you’re looking for.

Not only does it have a glorious rose gold color which sparkles and shines when you put it over the top of your chosen table, but it has a fantastic texture, perfect to keep things from moving on the table.

One of the best things about this tablecloth though is the fact that it is reversible. So, if you’re looking to change it up a little bit, you can swap from having rose gold specifically and have a dominant white color with small, pink spots. 

What you have as a result is a tablecloth that works for just about anybody and anything, giving you multiple uses out of it! 


Wickerwise Small Rectangular Woodchip Picnic Baskets with Double Folding Handles, Natural Hand-Woven Basket Lined with Gingham Red and White Lining Great for Gifts

One decoration for a tea party that is often overlooked is a picnic basket.

Picnic baskets are a fundamental part of a classic, informal tea party and they’re a big favorite among kids. 

This particular picnic basket has an incredible design with a fantastic look to it.

Indeed, it has a look that fits the classic tea party aesthetic and due to its materials, it is strong and sturdy enough to keep your items safe from breakage. 

Not only this, but its design allows any food or drink items inside to breathe, which means no horrible surprises if you’re going out for a tea party away from your home.


RAUVOLFIA Cupcake Stand Tray, 2 Pack Large White Plastic 3 Tiered Rectangular Cupcake Tower, Food-Grade Material, Stackable, for Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower, Tea Party Decorations

No tea party would be complete without having a beautiful cupcake stand, for those sweet snacks to chow down on while you’re sipping a fantastic cup of tea. 

This cupcake stand is built to last with a strong plastic, which also makes it easy to clean - and makes it much better on the pocket too! 

It has three tiers as you would expect for a cupcake stand, and because its design is pretty basic, you can use it over and over again for any event like a wedding, wake or party.

In fact, you can buy additional decorations to cover it if you wish to! 

The only thing you need to be careful with is keeping it away from direct heat, like an open flame.

While it’s unlikely, it’s a plastic product and can melt! This also means hand washing is the best option - avoid using a dishwasher! 


SAOROPEB 3D Butterfly Wall Decor 48 Pcs 4 Styles 3 Sizes, Gold Butterfly Decorations for Butterfly Birthday Decorations Butterfly Party Decorations Cake Decorations, Removable Stickers (Gold)

Many of us, but particularly kids, will tell you that the best place to have a tea party is in the garden.

Surrounded by nature and the sunshine, there’s almost nothing else like the experience with a cup of tea and beautiful wildlife around you. 

However, if you can’t go outside - why not bring the wildlife inside with these amazing butterfly wall decorations?

These are made of a strong material and have excellent adhesive, making it easy to put on the wall but not easy to damage! 

You can make a game out of these decorations and let your kid’s imagination run wild with their own patterns and designs.

In fact, you could go a stage further and buy some other floral wall decorations and create a “wall garden”. 


Juvale 6 Pieces Mini Tea Party Hats for Women, Clip-On Design - Fancy Hair Fascinators for Women and Girls in 6 Colors, Tiny Hat Hair Clips for Tea Party Favors (4 Inches)

Okay, so while this technically is clothing - if you don’t wear them, they can be brilliant tea party decorations.

One of the reasons these hats have become synonymous with tea parties is due to modern media like movies and TV shows. 

This is a good thing though, because it allows you to recreate scenes from shows and have a real tea party like you’ve seen before! 

Final Thoughts 

Tea parties can be an amazing way to socialize with your friends or your family, but you must remember to decorate your surroundings! We hope these ideas have helped.

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