10 Classically British Tea Brands You Can Buy Online Today

When we talk about tea, many of us will automatically think of the British. While it might be a bit stereotypical, Britain is known for its fondness for a cup of tea!

So, if you’re a tea fanatic, you might be wondering to yourself how British tea is different from the tea that you’re used to. What are the most quintessentially British tea brands that you could try?

10 Classically British Tea Brands You Can Buy Online Today

Well, we’ve scoured the internet and we’ve found ten classically British tea brands that you can find and buy online today!

Therefore, if you’re looking to know more and pick up some really British teas - then read on and discover more below!

10 Classically British Tea Brands 


Yorkshire Tea Taylors of Harrogate, Red, 100 Count

If you speak to anyone from Britain and ask them what tea screams “British” at them, then you’ll likely hear Yorkshire Tea as a very common answer.

Yorkshire is located in Northern England and with its green, hilly settings - it’s as British as the tea it pedals.

Yorkshire Tea has quite a strong taste to it and generally it should be brewed for a while before consuming it. This allows its aromas and flavors to really merge and come out together. 

Yorkshire Tea has a very long history dating back to the late nineteenth century and is certainly a favorite among the British for black tea!


East India Company Royal Flush Fine Black Tea 100g

You may have read this name and remembered it from your school history books.

This is because The East India Company is perhaps one of, if not the most famous tea company in the history of tea.

This company was at the heart of the huge trade monopoly that contributed to imperialism and British domination on the world stage.

On top of this of course, it helped to shape the love of tea that the British have to this day.

This tea brand (see also: 13 American Tea Brands You Need To Know About)has a very classic tea taste and aroma and when you try it, it’s pretty clear to see why it is among the most popular tea brands in the world, and definitely is a tea brand steeped in British history.

Having said that, it does have a little bit of a bizarre modern history, because despite the fact that the company essentially stopped trading in the late nineteenth century, it returned to sell luxury tea and premium tea products - but that’s not the bizarre part.

Later, an Indian entrepreneur bought the company. Centuries after what the tea actually stood for, it’s now been reclaimed - albeit in name only.


Fortnum & Mason British Tea, Royal Blend, 250g Loose English Tea in a Gift Tin Caddy

When you think “British”, you might think of the Royal family - so why not try a Royal blend of tea?

One of the most recognizable and widely enjoyed tea brands, Fortnam and Mason has a long history within the nation’s capital and then further afield.

With a beautiful taste and an even more beautiful tin packaging, this is definitely a tea brand you should consider purchasing! 


Harrods of London England English Breakfast Tea 100 Tea Bags

Harrods is one of the most famous stores in Britain and well known for its luxury brands and premium quality products.

Their tea has a unique blending taste and aroma - which is very difficult to top from other British tea brands. 

When you purchase one of their many tea types, you will usually get a high quality tea tin too. Be sure to keep an eye out for that!


Jersey Tea is so popular that you will find it difficult to source it in many stores online, so you’ll have to head directly to the source! 

It has a high quality, premium taste to it, with a warming aroma that invites you to keep drinking it! 

For those of you who don’t know, Jersey is not technically in Britain.

It’s an island in the British Isles, arguably closer to France than the United Kingdom. It’s well known for its warmer climate and unique tasting products like Jersey milk or cream. 


teapigs English Breakfast Black Tea Bags, 15 Count, Biodegradable Whole Leaf Tea Bags, Assam, Ceylon & Rwandan Tea Blend

Teapigs are a relatively new tea brand on the market but they are classically British nonetheless. The company was founded by two people who originally worked for a huge name in British tea - Tetley. 

Through their knowledge and experience, they came up with Teapigs which aims to give people an authentic British tasting tea and highly quality tea experience.


Newby London - Classic Collection Earl Grey - 50 envelopped tea bags

If you’re looking for a high quality and luxurious brand of British tea, then look no further than Newby.

It has a unique taste and tea drinking experience, to such an extent that most five star restaurants and hotels in Britain will stock it in their rooms and dining halls. 


Harney & Sons Victorian London Fog Tea | 30 Sachets, Historic Royal Palaces Collection

Harney and Sons is one of the highest quality tea brands that shouts Britishness at you when you initially try it.

There are so many different types of this tea that you can try, so you should certainly take a look around at some of the different kinds on offer!


Quite a small company when it comes to the platform of British tea, but it has a huge and unique idea which definitely has not been seen before, or indeed since.

Postcard Teas essentially sends out postcards (messages on cards when you’re on vacation). 

However, within the message, the recipient will find one of their high quality tea bags in the packet for a very welcome British surprise!


Canton is on top of the list for being extremely fine, top quality and rich tea.

It has a strong, ethical presence on the world stage for tea and does not compromise on its ethics, morals and taste! 

Canton tea can be a little difficult to find because it does not mass produce in the way that other British teas such as Tetley or PG Tips does.

However, once you have found the ability to buy a packet of Canton tea - you will experience the quintessential British teatime. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s our list of the ten classically British tea brands that you can find and buy online today. It may take you a while to make your final decision because all of these tea products are very good quality. 

However, once you have made your choice and tried your tea in its intended way - you’ll probably never look back to your previous tea choices. 

We hope this list has been helpful for you. Good luck with your search!

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