Famous Types Of Black Tea And Blends

Tea is the most popular and aromatic drink in the world. There are many different types of black teas, and, if you’re a tea lover like the rest of us, then you’re bound to be interested in the most famous types of black tea and blends on the market! 

Famous Types Of Black Tea And Blends

Tea is made by being mixed and flavored in large blending drums. Oils, plants, flowers, fruits and perfumes are mixed with the tea to create the wonderful teas that you have today. 

Read on to find out more about the most famous types of black tea and blends on the market! 

Famous Tea Blends 

English Breakfast Tea 

English breakfast tea is known to be the most popular black tea blend on the market and it is the most popular beverage around the globe.

It is a very strong tea, and it is most commonly mixed with milk and sugar. English breakfast tea tends to be much stronger than other teas.

Made from the Camellia Sinensis Plant, black tea has a lot less caffeine in it than coffee. It also contains a lot of different antioxidants which will help you improve your health.

These antioxidants prevent damage to your cells. Cell damage can lead to certain diseases, so drinking English Breakfast tea can prevent this.

This tea is sourced from Sri Lanka, India and Kenya. However, while the leaves are sourced from these areas, the name of the English breakfast teas (see also: Tea – A Complete List Of Tea Names And Types)actually come from the American colonies.

A British immigrant began selling the tea under the name ‘English Breakfast’. 

Irish Breakfast Tea 

Irish breakfast tea is another blend of strong black tea. This starts with Indian teas known as Assam. This tea is often consumed in the morning and it is most commonly served with milk.

It has a very malty flavor and it is more red in color than a lot of other teas. 

As well as this, it is a lot stronger than English breakfast tea. It is common that Irish tea drinkers will drink between four and six cups of tea every day. 

The Irish tea blend comes from the second world war. During the war, Ireland took a stand and refused to collaborate with the English.

When this happened, they didn’t get any tea supplies because all of the tea that they got in Ireland came from England. As a result of this, Ireland started to bring its own tea into the mix. They started to import its own tea. 

They did this by creating your own flavors and blends which are different from the English tea recipes that you have had.

You can get this Irish Breakfast tea in both loose tea form and in tea bags. 

English Afternoon Tea 

This English Afternoon tea blend is a medium strength tea, which is less strong than the Irish and English breakfast blends. This blend is very refreshing and delightful. 

This blend contains a Sri Lankan black tea named Ceylon(see also: All You Need To Know About Ceylon Black Tea). It also contains Indian Assam black tea and Kenyon black tea. 

English afternoon tea is served with or without milk. It can also be served with lemon. 

In 1840, Anna introduced Afternoon tea into the country. She is the seventh Duchess of Bedford.

She found that she started to become hungry at about four o’clock in the afternoon because she didn’t eat dinner until 8 o’clock in her household. This meant that there was a long period between lunch and dinner. 

Hong Kong Milk Tea 

Hong Kong milk tea comes from a time when England had colonial rule over Hong Kong. This tea comes from a number of different kinds of black tea.

It is a strong blend of black tea (see also: How To Treat Sunburn Using Black Tea)and it is very creamy and smooth. It is made with full-cream milk. 

Milk tea is a very popular thing in Hong Kong, and it is a very common part of Hong Konger’s daily lives. It is served as part of breakfast, dinner and afternoon tea. 

This drink is very popular all over the world, it isn’t just found in Hong Kong. It has become a very popular drink.

Earl Grey Tea 

Earl Grey Tea (see also: Earl Grey Tea: What Is It?)is a very distinctive black tea. It gets its unique flavor from oil that is extracted from the bergamot orange.

This fruit is mostly grown in France and Italy. There are lots of variations on the traditional blend of Earl Grey tea. 

Lady Grey is a certain blend of Earl Grey tea that is made using orange peel and cornflower blossoms.

You can also get Russian Earl Grey Tea. This is just a version of Earl Grey tea that also includes Lemongrass(see also: How To Make Lemongrass Tea). 

Red Earl Grey tea is another blend of Earl Grey tea. This is made from bergamot and rooibos. French Earl Grey is another version of this tea that is made with rose and marigold blossoms. 

Cream Earl Grey is a version of Earl Grey that is made with Vanilla. 

Famous Types Of Black Tea And Blends

Chai Tea 

Chai tea is a very popular combination that is made from black tea and some spices. The spices that are added to Chai tea (see also: What Is Chai Tea?)are cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and fennel.

This tea is great and it is exceptionally sweet. 


Assam is a black tea that originates from Assam in Northeast India. It is one of the commonly used types of black tea that is found in a lot of different tea blends.

It has one of the strongest flavors of black tea on the market, and it has a very full bodied taste. 

This tea is most commonly paired with milk in order to balance out the flavor. 

You may not have tried this tea on its own, instead you may have had this within a blend. It comes in English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast tea blends. This is the main aspect of these tea blends, which is what gives this their flavor.


Ceylon is a tea that originates in Sri Lanka. This is the tea that is added to blends to make it very refreshing and light. 

This tea is named after the previous name of Sri Lanka, which was Ceylon. It has a citrusy and spicy flavor, making it very enjoyable to drink as it is full of flavor.

It is often the tea that is used in iced tea drinks because of its sweet taste. It is also often found in hot fruit teas.

Dianhong Cha 

Dian Hong cha is a delicious tea that is full of flavor. It is a sweet tea that is very smooth. It is directly translated to Yunnan Red Tea.

This is because it has a different color to a lot of other teas, being much more golden amber in color than other teas.

This tea is seen as a premium tea which is served by itself. It has a very delicate flavor that is served by itself or with milk.

Darjeeling Tea 

Darjeeling tea is a very light, refreshing tea. It is very bold and delicate. It is very different from the flavor of Assam. This means that it doesn’t have the same dark, bold colors of Assam. Instead, it has a very unique golden color. 

The citrusy, fruity and floral tastes of the tea make it a very delicious and flavorful tea on its own, as well as in blends. It is not commonly used in the early morning, instead it is usually used in the afternoon.

It is seen as a very delicate flavor, and so it is seen as a classy tea. It does not work very well with milk, instead it is commonly made on its own.

Keemun Tea 

Keemun tea is a very popular variety of black tea. It is loved all around the world. It is very light and mild in comparison to other teas. It is full of flavor, though, and it has a very flowery aroma. 

This tea is a delicacy in China which has a pleasant aroma and you will recognize the taste on the streets of China. 

It is not usually mixed with milk as this is thought to dilute the delicious taste of the drink.

Lapsang Souchong 

This is a very popular Chinese tea. It is prepared in a very unique way that is different from the other processes. It is smoked and spicy rather than anything else. 

The tea is not as strong as some other teas, but it is still stronger than teas like Darjeeling. It can work with milk or without milk. Some people prefer to drink it with milk, and some without. 

The preparation method of this tea is what sets it apart from other teas of this kind.

Final Thoughts 

Tea is consumed all around the world, and it is many different peoples favorite beverages. There are many famous types of black tea and blends.

This article has explored some of the most famous tea blends, as well as the most famous teas.

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