What Tea Helps With Cramps?

We’ve all been there, enjoying our day, carefree and cramp free, only to find those first twinges lurking at the bottom of our stomach.

What Tea Helps With Cramps?

Period cramps can be a real day ruiner, and some of us might really struggle to get anything done apart from focusing on the pain. 

Sometimes, along with pain relievers, you might also want to try some tried and tested herbal remedies too. Some of the best ones out there are simply teas that you can drink, and these have actually been scientifically proven to resolve period related cramping. 

So why not sit down, chill out, and read our list of some of the very best herbal teas you can drink to relieve cramping. To find out more, simply take a look below. 

Ginger Tea

If you’re a fan of spicy teas, then you’re in for a treat. Ginger tea has been proven to contain a whole host of different health benefits, including aiding digestion, but it’s also great for curing stomach related ailments. 

Medicine men have been using ginger for centuries as a part of their healing practice, and it’s known for being anti-inflammatory. It’s because of these anti-inflammatory and soothing effects that this tea (see also: 5 Of The Best Teas For Soothing Migraines)is great for consuming during your period. 

There was actually a study conducted amongst female college students, who were prescribed ginger instead of painkillers in order to reduce period related pain, and they actually reported that it did a better job than paracetamol and ibuprofen combined. 

If that’s the case, then hand over the ginger tea immediately!

Chamomile Tea

Many of you reading this article will already know about the immense benefits that chamomile tea can have for our mental health. But, did you know that the positive effects of this tea weren’t just related to mood? 

Chamomile tea doesn’t directly affect menstrual cramping in the way that ginger tea does, but it boasts a whole host of things that can reduce the pain. 

For example, having a poor night’s sleep, and being in a low mood has actually been proven to make period cramps much worse. Chamomile tea, which can help to make you more sleepy, can promote better rest, which ultimately can help your cramping issues too. 

Green Tea

If you’re not a big fan of some of the more floral and spicy tea varieties out there, why not just drink a cup of regular old green tea.

Green tea is known for having a whole host of different health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, and boosting your immune system. 

Green tea has actually been linked to helping to relieve period cramps too, however, which makes it a great one to pick up if you’re feeling under the weather. It’s been used for this purpose within Chinese medicine for centuries. 

What Tea Helps With Cramps?

One of the worst symptoms associated with period cramps are bloating, so if you experience this, then green tea can help to reduce this. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties, which have been linked to reducing the glut of air in your tummy. 

One study suggests that drinking green tea might actually be the best option overall for period related symptoms. 

Peppermint Tea

If you can’t think of anything as insanely delicious and refreshing as a warm cup of peppermint tea, (see also: How To Make Insanely Delicious Iced Strawberry Tea)then you’re not alone. This is a favorite of many to reach for when they’re feeling unwanted symptoms related to their periods. 

For those of you who don’t already know, peppermint leaves, which are used to make these teas, are full of a substance called menthol. Menthol is great for relieving pain associated with the stomach. 

Many women will also experience constipation as a result of their period, and this only compounds the ill effects of the cramps.

Therefore, drinking a cup of peppermint tea, which is renowned for its powerful effects on the digestive system might be just the ticket for ridding you of this uncomfortable sensation. 

Teas To Avoid On Your Period 

Though there are lots of good teas out there that you can drink that aren’t limited to the ones on this list, there are also some to avoid.

These teas can actually produce some ill effects depending on the time of the month, and might actually exacerbate your symptoms. To find out more, keep reading below. 

Black Tea

Some of you might be surprised to find out that black tea makes up some of the worst teas you can drink during your period.

The reason behind this is because of the caffeine content. An average cup of black tea contains around 50 mg of caffeine, which is almost twice as much as green tea. 

The reason why caffeine is so bad is because it’s associated with heavier cramping. 

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is also a good one to avoid whilst you’re on your period. It’s a variety of green tea, and contains a whole host of other things that can exacerbate period cramping. 

It has an unusually high caffeine for green tea, and has been associated with worsened period cramps, bloating, and generally wreaking havoc on your hormones. 

When you’re not on your period however, you can most definitely enjoy a cup of this nutritious tea. It’s great at aiding weight loss and heart health. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are a whole host of different teas out there that you can drink to reduce menstrual cramping. However, we would recommend avoiding black tea whilst you’re on your period, as the higher caffeine content can exacerbate symptoms. 

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