What Tea Is Good For A Sore Throat?

During the winter months, nothing is worse than when the inevitable cold and flu that often make the rounds at this time of year strikes you, leaving you with a sore throat and a range of other symptoms that feel like they’ll never go away.

What Tea Is Good For A Sore Throat?

Of course, a wide range of medicines can help you, but sometimes nothing helps more than a hot cup of tea, and it’s a great way of easing your symptoms as the medicine works its magic. 

However, whilst some cups of tea will only be able to lend you their warmth, some teas are actually able to help fight off your colds or flu, however, it’s important to get the right blend of tea, as not any old tea will be able to help. 

So, here is our guide to some of the best tea blends to help you ward off your sore throat!

Best Tea Blends For A Sore Throat

Whilst it’s true that any form of liquid will provide a certain amount of relief for a sore throat, these tea blends are proven to have a strong effect on your throat, and will provide you with the soothing hit you need to keep going! 

Licorice Root Tea

Since this tea is revered for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, then it should come as no surprise that it makes this list, as it’s one of the most effective teas at helping to fight off sore throats and illnesses.

On top of its incredibly helpful properties, this tea is also characterized by its super sweet taste, which makes it perfect for those who are looking for something to lift their spirits whilst ill. 

However, if you’re going to be drinking licorice tea, it’s important that you consult your doctor beforehand, as it can actually be dangerous to drink in large quantities, so be careful! 

Turmeric Tea

Prevalent in South Asian communities for its antiseptic properties, turmeric tea has long been used to fight off infections, which is exactly why many people use it when it comes to soothing their sore throats. 

What’s great about turmeric tea is that there are two ways in which you can have it. Obviously, you can purchase turmeric tea bags.

However, if you can’t find any turmeric tea bags local to you, you can create your own turmeric tea by adding ground turmeric powder to boiling water and straining it before serving! 

Green Tea

It’s common knowledge that green tea is especially good for you, which means that it’s always a good option to rely upon should you have a sore throat. But what makes it so good? 

Well, green tea tends to be packed with a lot of things that are helpful when fighting off an illness, such as a variety of minerals and vitamins, as well as amino acids too. However, the superpower of green tea truly stems from its super high antioxidant content! 

Chamomile Tea

Another great option for those looking for an excellent tea to help their sore throat is chamomile tea, which has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which is perfect for helping to reduce any potential swelling, as well as aiding the body in repairing tissue.

What Tea Is Good For A Sore Throat?

What many people don’t realize about chamomile tea however is that it’s also antispasmodic, which means that if you’re coughing as a result of your sore throat, then your chamomile tea will be able to help remedy your cough(see also: What Tea Is Good For Cough?) too! 

Lemon Tea

One of the key vitamins for warding off any illness is vitamin C, which is exactly why so many people turn to lemon tea when it comes to helping to soothe a sore throat, as not only will the warmth help to ease the roughness of your throat, but the vitamin C will also help to give your immune system the necessary boost it needs to fight off any of the cold symptoms. 

Many people add honey to their lemon tea for the ultimate soothing sensation, and it also tastes delicious too. 

Peppermint Tea

If your sore throat is affecting your sleep, then a cup of peppermint tea is going to help massively to ease your suffering.

Since peppermint tea contains menthol, which is known to be an amazing soothing agent, as well as an effective decongestant, it makes it perfect for a late-night drink to help you sleep soundly. 

Peppermint tea is also super effective at aiding digestion too, and the numerous antiviral and antibacterial properties of this tea is exactly why it makes this list! 

Ginger Tea

Before we begin, we know that ginger tea has a rather strong flavor, so whether or not you’ll be able to handle it is something you’ll have to find out after trying it.

But if you enjoy the flavor of ginger, then you’ll also be able to benefit from the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that come with it, allowing you to fight the cause of the sickness right where it all starts. 

If you’re looking to really upgrade the antibacterial properties of your ginger tea, as well as help to improve the taste, then a small dash of cinnamon powder should do the trick! 

Black Tea

Waking up with a sore throat is a horrendous feeling, but thankfully a cup of black tea in the morning is the perfect way to lift your spirits. Since black tea is packed with caffeine, it’ll provide you with the perfect morning wake-up call. 

Black tea also contains a compound called tannins, which are known to reduce inflammation, making it perfect for drinking if you have a sore throat! 


We hope that this guide has helped you, and hopefully now you know exactly which teas to look for when aiming to ease a sore throat, we hope you get well soon!

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