What Tea Is Good For Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux can be an unpleasant experience for many, and can come about at the most inconvenient times in our lives.

What Tea Is Good For Acid Reflux?

While there are any number of antacids and other medications that can alleviate the symptoms, not everyone is keen to pump their bodies full of drugs. 

This begs the question: what natural cures are there for acid reflux?

What Is Acid Reflux? 

Before we discuss what could cure acid reflux, it is perhaps best to first ascertain what exactly acid reflux is, and what causes it to happen. 

Acid reflux is an occurrence within the body that causes heartburn – a burning sensation in the chest caused when stomach acid leaves the gut, and rises up the body to the esophagus. 

What Causes Acid Reflux? 

The human stomach contains hydrochloric acid – a strong and potent acid that helps to break down the food we consume, and make it digestible.

It also protects our gut against harmful pathogens and bacteria – and as such it is an extremely helpful natural part of our bodies. 

While the lining of the stomach is specially designed to withstand the acidity of stomach acid, the esophagus isn’t – which means that when it gets loose, it can cause significant damage and pain to the sufferer. 

The acid is usually controlled and contained by the gastrointestinal sphincter, a muscular valve that regulates the entry of fluids and food into the stomach from the esophagus, and stops the acid from regurgitating back up the body. 

When this valve fails, acid reflux occurs, and this is when we suffer heartburn. 

Are There Other Causes? 

Acid reflux and heartburn can be caused by the food that we eat, and can be a side effect of diets that are rich and unhealthy – and people will often notice that after particularly heavy binging periods of food, soda, and alcohol, they will experience these symptoms more regularly. 

What Natural Remedies Are There? 

While there are numerous purported remedies – including antacids and other forms of medication – one notable remedy is tea. However, not all tea will suffice, and there are certain types that work better than others. 

What Tea Is Good For Acid Reflux? 

When we talk about acid reflux, and the kind of tea that can remedy this unpleasant occurrence, there are several possibilities that people can go for. 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile leaves have long been a present factor within traditional medicine, and have many different applications within the human body. 

Chamomile is primarily used for inflammation, insomnia, rheumatic pains, and digestive distress – which makes it a perfect tea for curing acid reflux.

What Tea Is Good For Acid Reflux?

As well as this, chamomile tea is also widely known to be good for stress, and can be a great way to alleviate conditions caused by stress and anxiety – not to mention establishing proper gut health, which is important for all manner of bodily functions. 

Liquorice Root Tea

Despite being somewhat polarizing – in terms of who likes liquorice and who doesn’t – liquorice root tea is also a good remedy for many ailments, including acid reflux. 

Used for its antiinflammatory abilities, and for its protective powers, liquorice root tea is great for antiviral and antibacterial applications, and has soothing properties that can ease pain in the digestive tract. 

Ginger Tea

Another tea that has been used for hundreds of years is ginger tea, which is laden with antiinflammatory properties, as well as for having beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal system within the body. 

Ginger is often given to people who feel sick, or who are having digestive discomfort, and as such it can be a great way of establishing normal digestive function. It also stimulates bile production, helping to protect against stomach acid. 

Marshmallow Root Tea

Long used to treat skin ailments, digestive problems, and respiratory illnesses, marshmallow root tea is another beneficial tea to consume. 

Taking its name from the specific sap it is made from, marshmallow root tea might be less common on the general market place, but if you can get your hands on it, you certainly won’t regret it. 

Fennel Tea

Fennel has long been used to aid digestion, reduce flatulence, and ease bloating and constipation, and as such it can be beneficial (in tea form) for acid reflux and the associated symptoms. 

Fennel is also an alkaline food, which can help to offset and balance any acidity within the body. 

Slippery Elm Tea

This has long been used by Native Americans as a means of providing digestive relief and remedying acid reflux – helping to form a protective coating along the gastrointestinal tract. 

Turmeric Tea

An ancient spice related to ginger, turmeric also has many uses against gastrointestinal discomfort and acid reflux. 

It is also widely recognized as an alternative treatment for acid reflux, inflammation, stomach ulcers, and other unpleasant ailments. 

Lavender Tea

Finally, we have lavender tea – a herb that has been used for antiviral, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and calming applications for hundreds of years throughout the Mediterranean. 

It is also good for relaxing the stomach, reducing inflammation, and easing the symptoms of acid reflux within the body. 

While the actual scientific studies are somewhat limited, there is a long history of this tea – and the others on this list – being used all across the world. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about acid reflux, and which kind of tea is the best remedy. 

It’s true that acid reflux can be a horrendous affliction to get, and can make you feel ill in more ways than one. But luckily, thanks to the healing property of tea, you can now be free of acid reflux without having to resort to antacids. 

So if you have acid reflux, or you are just looking to embrace more kinds of tea, then why not give this one a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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