How Much Loose Tea Per Cup?

Several factors go into creating a delicious cup of tea. Of course, that should involve your favorite blend of tea leaves yet the amount can also have a telling effect.

While the brewing time and the water temperature are important factors, simply using too much or too little loose tea will be crucial. The amount can also depend on the potency of the tea leaves so consider that too. 

How Much Loose Tea Per Cup?

In this guide, we will look at how much loose tea (see also: How To Make Loose Leaf Tea)you should use per cup and the variables that affect the amount of loose tea you should use. We will also look at how practice makes perfect.

How Much Loose Tea Should You Use Per Cup

If you want to be precise with your cup of tea then you will require a small kitchen scale. According to tea industry standards, for between every six to eight ounces of water, you should have between two and three grams of loose tea. 

Without a small kitchen scale, that can prove difficult to work out yet you can use a simple measuring teaspoon. For six ounces of water, you can use a single measuring teaspoon of loose tea leaves.

However, for a larger cup at eight ounces, that single measuring teaspoon should be heaped with loose tea leaves. 

The Variables That Affect The Amount Of Loose Tea

Several variables have to be carefully considered when creating a cup of loose tea. These include the size of the leaves, the preferred strength of your tea, and any additives you may choose to use. 

The Size Of The Tea Leaves

To ascertain whether a measuring teaspoon is level or heaping does depend on the size of the tea leaves themselves. Some are finer and thus easier to measure more accurately.

Those loose tea leaves that are larger and more cumbersome can take up more room on a teaspoon and you may find yourself using an inaccurate amount unless you use a small kitchen scale.

Remember that loose tea leaves come in all sorts of grinds, shapes, and sizes with some blends including seeds and freeze-dried fruits. 

The Preferred Strength Of Your Tea

Though the brewing time of your loose tea leaves should have a pronounced effect on the strength of your cup, some tea leaves are simply more potent-tasting than others.

You may prefer a subtle blend and decide to add more leaves for a deeper taste. With a stronger blend, you may prefer to involve fewer tea leaves for a weaker, yet still tasty, cup. 


Some simply prefer their tea to have as few additives as possible and just drink it as it is. That’s fine as you can enjoy the natural taste of the tea leaves yet some prefer one or two additives.

If you do decide to include a teaspoon or two of sugar and a dash of milk, then you may increase or decrease the amount of loose tea leaves from the outset. 

Practice Makes Perfect

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Once you have found your favorite blend of tea, with the right shape and grind, you should be willing to practice with it.

The packaging may come with instructions on the measuring devices to use, the brewing time, and the amount of loose tea to include.

However, you may have more exacting standards on how you prefer to have your tea. That may include how long you allow the boiled water to rest and how you actually steep your loose tea leaves.

First, follow the instructions on the packaging as close as you can. Try to use a measuring teaspoon and a small kitchen scale to determine how the intended weight of loose tea leaves looks in your teaspoon.

It may be heaping or it may fit quite nicely but you should be able to get a good idea from being exact. 

Once your water has boiled, measure out the intended volume of water in a measuring cup or jug. You may have a preferred cup yet its volume may differ from the intended six or eight ounces that the packaging suggests.

By measuring it out first you can see how the tea brand intends their tea to be prepared. Remember, as part of the production process, the brand will have practiced themselves on finding how best to prepare their tea blend.

Final Thoughts

Should the brewed tea come out overly strong or maybe too bitter for your taste, you will know to use less loose tea.

You may want to practice on the brewing time as simply reducing or prolonging it can have a marked effect on how weak or strong the tea is.

If you know how long you typically leave your tea to brew then it may be an easier decision to reduce the amount of tea leaves instead. With that method, your bag of loose tea leaves will last longer too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Ways To Ensure That You Have The Exact Amount Of Tea Leaves You Need Every Time You Prepare A Cup?

With your favorite blend of tea, you should only need to investigate the exact amount of loose tea leaves you need just the once.

Ensure that you make notes on the measurements and you may even want to take a photo of how the desired weight of tea leaves looks like in your measuring teaspoon.

Try to use your favorite cup too simply so you know how the right amount of brewed tea looks like in it with your preferred strength.

Once you have confirmed the correct measurement, you may want to create a supply of your own tea bags so they are ready to be used the next time.  

Why Is It So Important To Understand The Size Of Your Measuring Teaspoon?

If you are simply using a teaspoon to stir tea then it does not really matter which one in your drawer you use.

However, some teaspoons can be bigger or smaller than others so use a small weight scale to find out which one results in the correct measurement of tea leaves.

A measured teaspoon may differ from the one you use for baking so you may prefer to order one from your favorite tea brand to be exact. 

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