How To Make Mint Tea

When it comes to refreshing herbal teas, almost nothing comes close to the incredible taste of mint tea, and if you’re looking for a tea that is going to perk you up during the warmer months, then you seriously don’t need to look any further. 

Unlike some herbal teas, making mint tea is super easy, and it doesn’t matter whether you purchase your mint directly from the grocery store, or grow it in your own garden, the result is sure to go down well, especially when you first get hit by that amazing aroma of mint emanating from your mug. 

How To Make Mint Tea

While you can use specialized teabags to create mint tea, these often don’t quite have the same depth of flavor as fresh mint leaves have, and once you’ve tried fresh mint tea, (see also: Traditional Moroccan Recipe For Fresh Mint Tea)we’re sure you’ll agree! 

So, for everything you need to know about how to make mint tea, (see also: Can Green Tea Make You Poop? Everything You Need To Know About Green Tea)as well as some tips on the process, and what you can add to it for extra flavor, then read on! 

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make The Perfect Mint Tea

As previously mentioned, mint tea is so much easier to make than a whole host of the other herbal teas out there, so if you’re relatively new to making your own herbal teas at home, then it’s definitely a great one to try out.

But before we can begin, we first need to gather the ingredients needed to make this delicious brew. 

Things You’ll Need For The Perfect Cup Of Mint Tea

Fresh Mint Leaves

It might seem rather obvious, but the first thing we’ll need for the perfect cup of mint tea, is the mint leaves themselves.

Some recipes might tell you to use dried mint leaves, but fresh mint leaves are definitely the preferred option here, as they’ll provide you with so much more flavor, especially if they’re taken straight from your own mint plant. 


The next ingredient for mint tea is water of course!

Any water can be used here, but it’s worth noting that tap water’s taste can vary depending on your location, so if you’re looking for a consistent and guaranteed taste with your mint tea, then it’s better to use filtered water instead. 

And there you have it, everything you need in order to make a delicious mint tea.

Of course, there are a number of things you can add to your mint tea in order to change up the flavor to your taste, but we’ll take a look at some of those in a different section.

For now, let’s make our mint tea! 

How To Make Mint Tea

Make Your Mint Tea

To begin making your mint tea, you’ll want to use 4 or 5 decently sized stalks of mint, ensuring that all of the mint leaves are in good condition.

You’ll then want to go ahead and find a teapot or large jug, and fill it right up with hot water to ensure that you raise its temperature. 

Then, you’ll want to take your water, and either use a kettle or a stovetop to bring it to a boil.

As it’s beginning to boil, take your mint stalks, and begin to roll them between both of your palms a couple of times. 

Once you’ve done this, you can pour the warm water out of your teapot and then add in the mint, including the stems, before pouring in your boiling water, filling your teapot as high as possible before placing the top back on. 

You’ll then need to wait for five minutes in order for the mint leaves to steep properly, this might seem like a long time whilst you’re waiting for a delicious mint tea, but we promise you that it’s absolutely going to be worth it. 

Once the five minutes have passed, you can pour your mint tea into your desired cup or mug and begin to savor the incredible smell!

Whether you decide to add anything to it, or simply drink it, is entirely up to you, but we’re sure that you’ll absolutely love it. 

What To Add To Your Mint Tea

If you’re not quite a fan of plain mint tea’s flavor, then why not change it up with some of these amazing additions, which will be sure to bring a whole new level of flavor to your tea, it might even make it your new favorite herbal tea! 

  • Honey: A classic addition to any tea, honey is the perfect choice for those who are looking to sweeten their tea, and it’s also a great addition for those who are looking to create a delicious herbal tea that is going to help soothe their sore throats too. So it’s extremely versatile! 
  • Granulated Sugar: If you’re not a fan of honey and are looking for a simple way to sweeten your tea, then you can’t go wrong with using plain old granulated sugar! It’s important not to add too much as you’ll quickly dominate the tea. 
  • Lemon: Another classic herbal tea inclusion is lemon juice. It’s the perfect way to make your mint tea even more refreshing, and the zestiness of the lemon compliments the mint perfectly, you can even combine it with honey for the perfect morning beverage too. 
  • Ginger: If you’re looking to turn your mint tea from being delicious to being both healthy and delicious, then ginger is certainly what you need to add, and it’s a sure way to help energize your mint tea like nothing else will! 
  • Lavender: If you’re looking to create a mint tea that’s ready for bedtime, then brewing your mint tea with some edible dried lavender is highly recommended, and the aroma of your tea will nearly be enough to send you to sleep even before you’ve drunk any. 


After reading our guide, we hope that you’re now ready to try making your own mint tea, and don’t forget to try experimenting with flavors! 

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