How To Make Sun Tea

Tea is easily one of the simplest but most pleasurable creations in human history. However, just because it is simple in concept does not necessarily mean that it is simple in execution.

You can’t simply make tea out of just anything, and many of the most popular tea recipes have been passed down for countless generations, and are incredibly traditional. 

How To Make Sun Tea

This means that any newer tea recipes that do prove successful are particularly interesting. One popular tea recipe that people often find themselves lost trying to make is Sun tea.

But what actually is sun tea, and most crucially, how do you go about making it?

If you have been looking around for the perfect way to make Sun tea, then you definitely need to read on down below, because we are going to show you how to do it perfectly and safely.

What Is Sun Tea?

Sun tea is actually very simple in concept and execution.

True to its name, Sun tea is actually made by brewing tea not by using a kettle, (see also: The 10 Best Tea Kettles To Make Tea Better And Easier To Make)or boiling water, but instead by allowing the tea to draw on the warmth of the sun! 

It involves placing the chosen tea into a large helping of water and then leaving it to brew in direct sunlight.

The light from the sun causes the tea to warm up very slowly, which in turn creates a totally different flavor experience.

As well as this, it’s also just a great way to make use of the summer sun.

And it is very satisfying to watch as the tea slowly brews while you sit out in your backyard and soak in the sun yourself!

Is Sun Tea Safe To Make?

You might actually be surprised to hear that, if you don’t prepare it just right, Sun tea is in fact not safe to make.

This is thanks to the fact that using sunlight will not allow the tea to reach a high enough temperature, which in turn will not kill off any bacteria that may be present on the tea leaves, or on things like the tea bags(see also: What Can You Do With Old Tea Bags? Discover 12 Things You Do!).

As well as this, the temperatures that sun tea can reach can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, causing more bacteria to develop.

Thus, in order to be truly safe, you need to make sure that all of your teabags and other elements in the tea are totally sanitized before leaving them in the sun.

How Do You Make Sun Tea?

Provided you have made sure that your tea-making equipment is sanitized and safe for use, you may want to begin making Sun tea. So let’s find out how to actually do it. 

How Do You Make Sun Tea?

Step 1 – Grab Your Chosen Tea

The first step toward making Sun tea is grabbing your tea of choice. Luckily, a wide range of teas can be used to make Sun tea, which significantly increases your options when making it.

However, we strongly recommend making use of black tea, as black tea naturally has plenty of caffeine in it that can kill off bacteria. Herbal tea does not have bacteria-killing properties. 

You can also choose to use either bagged or loose tea, just remember that loose-leaf tea needs to be strained after it has finished brewing! 

If you have loose-leaf tea that you wish to transfer over to teabags, you can purchase disposable tea bags that you can easily sanitize before placing the tea in there.

Step 2 – Create The Tea

Now that you have chosen your tea, all you then need to do is grab a glass jar of your choice. Generally, you will want to grab a container of considerable size in order to make a high yield of tea.

Don’t forget that making Sun tea requires some considerable time to allow the heat of the sun to be drawn from. 

Generally, you will want to add quite a few tea bags or a few helpings of your loose tea in order to make the most of the higher water content.

If you are filling up a jar that is 1 gallon deep, then you should try to add around 6 tea bags! 

Step 3 – Leave The Tea To Brew

Now, it’s time to employ the help of the sun! Find a nice sunny spot, either on your porch, in your backyard, or on your kitchen counter, and then allow the tea to sit in the light.

This will allow the warmth from the sunlight to warm up the water, which will cause the tea to brew. 

Generally, you should allow the tea to brew for around 3 to 4 hours, as this will allow the warmth from the sun to draw out the flavors from the tea.

Step 4 – Serve!

Once you have allowed the tea to brew, all you then need to do is remove the teabags or filter out the loose tea, and then serve the tea in any way you like, either warm from the sun, or from the refrigerator.

You can also easily add some sweetener to the tea after it has been brewed to make it a little more refreshing in the sunlight. 

To Wrap Up 

As you can now see, making Sun tea is actually incredibly easy, but you need to make sure that it is safe for you to do so, as making Sun tea involves brewing the tea at much lower temperatures than you ordinarily would brew tea at. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Regular Tea Bags For Sun Tea?

Absolutely. In fact, most Sun tea recipes call for regular tea bags, as the tea is made using black tea.

Is Sun Tea Healthier Than Regular Tea?

Sun tea is no healthier than regular (see also: Does Regular Tea Expire, And If So, What Is The Shelf Life?)tea, and in fact, if not made properly, can actually make a person sick, thanks to the lower temperatures making a breeding ground for bacteria.

Why Is Sun Tea So Much Better?

Many people prefer Sun tea to normal tea thanks to the fact that the cooler temperatures allow the flavor of the tea to more naturally be extracted.

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